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25 October 2016
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Recycling Up , Landfill Down, Energy Recovery Up.

arc21 welcomed the publication of the annual Waste Statistics for Councils covering 2013/14 published by the DOE.

Ricky Burnett, arc21’s Policy Director, said:
“Today’s statistics demonstrate that attitudes towards recycling in Northern Ireland have been transformed with recycling being firmly established as an inherent part of modern day living. Household recycling rates have improved for the twelfth year running and less than half of all household waste is now sent to landfill.

That’s a major achievement, but more can be done – and more needs to be done, particularly as the amount of waste we produce has started to increase again.

“As well as recycling more, Northern Ireland needs new waste infrastructure, including Energy from Waste (EfW) plants, to manage waste which can’t be readily recycled and transform it into a resource. A number of proposed EfW facilities, including arc21's, are in the pipeline and we will need them if we are to match European best practice for the handling of household, commercial and industrial waste.

It is interesting to note that the amount of waste from Councils that is exported for Energy Recovery beyond Northern Ireland is now over 10% . This clearly illustrates that we are moving at an increasing pace towards Energy Recovery and away from Landfill. "

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