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17 January 2017
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Shortlist Announced - 1 July 2009

arc21 has announced the three consortia that have been invited to the next phase of its procurement process to deliver new waste management facilities.

Ricky Burnett, Policy & Operations Director said:

“We continue to maintain progress in our aim to deliver modern state-of-the-art waste treatment facilities for the arc21 region. We have invited three consortia forward to participate in the next phase of our procurement process. They are:

• Greenstar Holdings Ltd / E.On Energy from Waste AG
• SITA Holdings UK Ltd
• Veolia ES Aurora Ltd

“This marks the achievement of another important milestone in our process. The next phase involves the development of detailed submissions relating to the provision of Mechanical Biological Treatment facilities and an Energy from Waste plant.”

arc21 remain committed to implementing its waste management plan which aims to encourage people to reduce waste in the first place and boost recycling rates to at least 50%. There are sound financial and environmental reasons to minimize landfill and that means developing new infrastructure to treat the waste that it is not possible or practicable to recycle.

Ricky Burnett stressed that:

“Experience throughout Europe clearly shows that high recycling rates can be achieved alongside Energy from Waste. Establishing these facilities is not only necessary to avoid heavy fines from Europe, but they can also help satisfy future energy needs and act as potential stimulus for local economic development.”

It is anticipated that the procurement process will be completed by the beginning of 2011 with the award of the contract.

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