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24 April 2018
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Clean Aluminium Trays and Foils Added to Recycling Bins

Councils throughout the arc21 area can now accept clean aluminium trays and foil into the recycling bins collected from householders

This welcome addition to the kerbside recycling service is now possible following arc21 discussions with Bryson Recycling and Alupro.

Ricky Burnett, arc21’s Policy & Operations Director says;
“This is another good example of partnership working which provides further benefit to ratepayers. The average household uses approximately 182 foil containers every year and this may surprise people.
Foil trays are a valuable source of aluminium. Once placed in the recycling bin, the humble barbeque tray, ready meal container or pie dish becomes part of the recycling loop. Householders should ensure that the all trays are rinsed clean and clean cooking foil is scrunched into a ball before putting them in the bin for recycling. “

All materials collected currently go to Bryson Recycling in Mallusk who sort them before sending them on for recycling.

Alupro executive director Rick Hindley says: “Metal food and drink cans are already are familiar sight in most household recycling bins, but it’s great to see that arc21 councils are adding foil trays too. We use 16,000 tonnes of foil containers in the UK every year. Every tonne of aluminium recycled saves around nine tonnes of CO2 – so taking part in this scheme will make a valuable contribution to reducing our impact on the environment.”

It is important to avoid putting any material in the recycling bin which cannot be accepted such as plastic bags, glass, food or plastic food trays. If anyone is in doubt, they should contact their council for further information.

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