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17 January 2017
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Wasting Time - October 2008

Waste Week is now into its 10th year and it’s bigger and better than ever. In June, special events were held by all of arc21’s partner councils to encourage more people to take responsibility for their waste and to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ as much as possible.

Although recycling levels in Northern Ireland have improved dramatically over the last decade, the average home in Northern Ireland generates about 1.38 tonnes of waste a year. Of this, about 66% still ends up in landfill, something which is bad for the environment and could possibly lead to a breach of EU regulations and hefty fines for ratepayers.

Several councils ran eco-challenges for councillors and provided highly popular ‘Green Butlers’ (complete with smart outfits and green bowties) at collection centres to take recycling materials straight from vehicles without the need for drivers to even get out of the car!

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