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25 September 2018
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What is arc21?

arc21 is a waste management group in Northern Ireland representing 6 councils in the east of the Province. Originally, it was formally incorporated and established in 2003 after a gradual process of closer co-operation between its councils. arc21 works on behalf of its member councils to guide, support and help them meet their legal requirements and drive forward innovative waste management programmes.

Our aim is to implement environmentally sound waste management programmes based on the principles of 'Reduce, Re-use and Recycle'.

arc21's work is governed by a legally binding collaborative agreement between all of its councils. 

Joint Committee

Made up of 18 elected members (three from each of its six constituent councils) this is arc21's decision making forum. For a full list of members please click here.


arc21 has a small team of staff. For full details please click here.