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25 September 2018
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arc21 is the umbrella waste management group for 6 councils in the east of Northern Ireland. Our innovative and collaborative approach is helping meet the multifarious challenges in the field of resource management which faces us all both now and in the future.

arc21's aim is to encourage households and businesses to 'Reduce, Re-use and Recycle' as much as possible, and deliver new waste infrastructure facilities to manage our waste efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

News Headlines

NI Councils Dealing with Increasing Amounts of Waste
The latest statistics published by DAERA for the 3 month period covering October to December 2017 have confirmed that Northern Irelandís Councils have managed more waste during this period when compared with the same time in 2016.

arc21 Education Vehicle Continues On Its Travels
The arc21 education vehicle continues to visit numerous locations throughout the arc21 area.

Planning permission granted for arc21 Residual Waste Treatment Facility
Full planning permission for a Residual Waste Treatment Facility at Hightown Quarry on the Boghill Road, Ballyutoag in Co. Antrim has been granted.