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25 September 2018
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The origins of arc21 can be traced back to June 1999, when a small number of council representatives agreed that a joint approach was the best way to deliver an effective waste management strategy for the region. By 2000, 11 councils had joined together to form the Eastern Region Waste Management Group, which was eventually renamed arc21.

arc21 issued a draft Waste Management Plan for public consultation in February 2002.  It considered various options and suggested how the region's waste should be managed until 2020. The Plan was subsequently approved by Government and adopted by arc21ís constituent councils in 2003.

The Waste Management Plan was reviewed in 2006 and, following further public consultation, was approved by Northern Irelandís Department of the Environment and arc21ís councils.

The latest revision of the Waste Management Plan was the subject of e public consultation exercise during February/ March 2014 with the Department of the Environment approving it in June 2014 and it being ratified by the councils in October 2014.This Waste Management Plan will be amended in the summer of 2015 to take account of the geographical changes brought about by local government reform.

Pre local government reform on the 1st April 2015, there were 129 meetings of the Joint Committee to govern and oversee arc21 operations.

At present, arc21 has successfully awarded and is managing waste management contracts on behalf of our councils with a value of over £260m.