NI Councils Dealing with Increasing Amounts of Waste

03 May 2018

NI Councils Dealing with Increasing Amounts of Waste

More Waste Being Dealt With By Councils

The latest statistics published by DAERA for the 3 month period covering October to December 2017 have confirmed that Northern Ireland’s Councils have managed more waste during this period when compared with the same time in 2016.

The report indicates that, when directly compared, the amount of waste collected and managed by Councils increased by 1.7% during these periods. Interestingly it also states that the underlying trend for this period over a five year horizon showed an increase in arisings of 6.9%.

In response, an arc21 spokesperson stated

“This level of increase does not come as a surprise. Given that just last week NISRA indicated that Northern Ireland’s population from 2016 until 2026 will increase by 4.2%, it is important to realise that increasing amounts of waste will continue to prove challenging to address from a number of perspectives, including service provision.

We welcome that recycling rates continue to improve and this demonstrates the various programmes and initiatives introduced by Councils are having the beneficial effect duly planned and anticipated. “