what we do

What We Do

arc21 helps, supports and assists their constituent councils to meet their obligations in the field of municipal waste management. The activities vary in nature and scope.

At the heart is the development and maintenance of the Waste Management Plan. This sets the strategic blueprint for waste management throughout the arc21 area and it is from this that the work of arc21 flows. arc21 play a pivotal role in ensuring its constituent councils progress with implementing the plan, particularly in respect of the major projects and initiatives.

The core function of arc21 is to procure significant services from the private sector as required by the constituent councils. In addition to this arc21 also procure products in the form of numerous waste bins and containers as well as compostable kitchen caddy liners. Once procured arc21 act as the contracting authority for these contracts and perform important contract management and monitoring duties from both a financial and operational perspective.

In addition to the central functions outlined above arc21 provides an interface for government departments at a regional and national level as well as acting as a contact conduit for the private sector and other stakeholders. arc21 provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge among its constituent councils as being a useful mechanism for performance management and internal bench marking.

Councils are able to call on arc21 for the provision of advice and guidance on a plethora of related subject matters and have access to a wide range of specialist professional advisors.

Finally, arc21 provides a bespoke Education Vehicle and Waste Promotions Officer who tour the area raising awareness. A particular focus is placed on the young with the most popular type of location visited being schools.