Reducing Waste Supporting a Circular Economy

28 March 2022

Recent events in Ukraine have brought renewed focus on how resilient our supply chains are for those essential commodities which we use day-to-day, such as energy to keep our lights on. In recent years, whether it be sources of energy or raw materials such as metals or grain, the current supply chains which “feed” our society are being changed – increasingly by default and in an unplanned manner.


Landfill Going in Wrong Direction as Focus on Net Zero Increases

04 February 2022

Northern Ireland is still overly reliant on landfill – the least environmentally desirable way to treat rubbish - according to the latest quarterly waste figures for council collected waste.


Waste Exports Continuing

14 January 2022

Responding to concerns that waste from Northern Ireland has been illegally dumped in Romania, the Environment Minister Edwin Poots has confirmed that his department has not been contacted by officials in Romania and that work is underway across the UK to establish where the rubbish came from.


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