‘NI Waste Infrastructure Gap’ could precipitate a Crisis

09 June 2021

A recently published independent report has confirmed that arc21’s proposed waste management facilities at Hightown Quarry are essential for the delivery of its waste management strategy and to avoid a potential waste crisis.


Pre Market Engagement for Residual Waste Treatment Interim Services

07 June 2021

arc21 is considering short term options in relation to the treatment and energy recovery/disposal of residual waste focusing on residual waste streams including, but not necessarily limited to: waste derived from households, commercial premises, household recycling/civic amenity centres; fly tipped waste; bulky waste and street litter waste and has initiated a Pre Market Engagement exercise.


Using Waste to Generate Energy is Key to Northern Ireland Making the Most of its Rubbish

25 May 2021

In May’s Business Eye the Executive Director of the Environmental Services Association (ESA) reflects on the waste industry in Northern Ireland and how we can make the most of our non-recyclable rubbish.


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