Procuring Critical Waste Infrastructure

07 May 2021

In accordance with its constituent councils’ Waste Management Plan, arc21 is seeking to develop critical new infrastructure at Hightown Quarry which is needed to allow the councils to discharge their statutory waste planning and delivery obligations.


NI Waste Tonnages Continue to Grow

26 April 2021

DAERA’s latest local authority collected municipal waste management statistics, covering the period October – December 2020, show that the volume of waste which Northern Ireland councils are managing has continued to increase. Recycling rates also fell compared to the same quarter last year while the total amount of waste sent to landfill increased.


arc21 Highlights Value of Modern Waste Infrastructure

19 April 2021

arc21 has responded to the Northern Ireland Executive’s Programme for Government (PfG) framework consultation, highlighting that its proposals for modern waste infrastructure will support multiple policy objectives.


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