Venues Across Northern Ireland Making Good Use of Food & Garden Waste

19 July 2021

arc21 has hailed the efforts of residents across its six constituent councils, as material which was once treated as rubbish is now being transformed into a sought-after product which is gracing some of Northern Ireland’s best known venues, including Killeavy Castle, Hillsborough Castle and Royal Portrush Golf Club.


Waste & the Climate Emergency

14 July 2021

In recent weeks a number of reports, including by NASA and the UK’s Climate Change Committee, have looked at the impact waste is having upon the climate emergency. The common theme is that the rubbish society produces and how we decide to manage it is affecting the amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) we’re pumping into the atmosphere.


Turkish Ban on Plastic Waste Imports Highlights Need for New UK Waste Facilities

06 July 2021

Last week, Turkey banned imports of plastic waste. This will have a significant impact on waste management in the UK, which currently does not have adequate recycling capacity to handle this material.


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