working with arc21

Working With arc21

arc21 procures goods and services from a range of suppliers and service providers. The types of procurement can range from small, one-off purchases to annual supply contracts and multi-million pound service contracts, which can run for a number of years.

We want to encourage local businesses to tender or quote competitively to supply us because we recognise the positive contribution small businesses can have in the local economy.

Our Procurement Policy explains how we approach the procurement of goods and services. We see procurement as playing a vital role in delivering efficient and effective services to the public and helping to support sustainable local communities.

Business Opportunities

You can find out about current and planned business opportunities with us as follows.

Check for advertisements in:

  • The local newspapers
  • The Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)
  • On our website, view under ‘Current Tender Opportunities’  Opportunities
  • Through our -tendering portal


arc21 operates under the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and there are a number of procedures which we follow when purchasing goods or services. The procedure to be used depends on the value of the order or contract.   

Estimated Value


Up to £30,000


£30,000 to OJEU Thresholds


Above OJEU Thresholds

 OJEU Tender Process

At the European (OJEU) tender threshold, we have the choice of a number of procedures. We will choose the most appropriate one and make this clear when placing the notice. All successful bidders will be contracted by our terms and conditions.